Terms and Conditions for Project “Noche Buena”

The Sender/User, of legal age, may share the following information through mobile phone, website, browser, or any mode of digital medium or media which will be handled in accordance with applicable laws and shall be used exclusively for the purpose for which they were collected – to send Christmas packs to intended for named “Recipient” under Project Noche Buena of Netflix:

  1. Name, email address, phone number and home address of Sender/User and Recipient;

  2. Other information which may be necessary for the above purpose;

The Sender/User guarantees that all Personal Information shared is true, current, complete and accurate and that it is not restricted by any law or regulation from collecting and sharing the “Recipient’s” personal information.

Netflix guarantees and warrants that pursuant to the provisions of R.A. 10173 and its implementing rules and regulation (otherwise known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012), that all information provided on the website (https://www.netflixnochebuena.com) will remain confidential and that such information will only be used for the purposes given above.

By providing his/her information, the Sender/User consents that personal information it provides may be lawfully collected, stored and used by Netflix and expressly allows and gives the latter use and/or disclosure of Personal Information for the project.

Sender/User warrant that the personal information was shared freely and voluntarily in furtherance of the purpose/s given above and that the sharing of any personal information is not in breach of any privacy of other relevant laws.